1st I made a scale model of the part of the truck I would be building the console around.
With that done, I was able to play with various designs. This is the end result.
Various measurements noted along the way.
Here we see the original cupholders and oldschool rubber monstrosity removed from around the stickshift.
Before I cut the rest of the wood I wanted to make sure the bottom platform fit ok.
It fit like a glove. Construction continues!
The pieces here are just resting in place. But everything fit well.
I then put everything together with wood glue and and an air powered nailgun.
2nd Test revealed a screw in the stickshift needed more room while in 5th gear. I carved a space for this with a dremel.
Using a piece of leather I dressed up the stickshift.
I also cut pieces that would lay in the bottom of each cubby hole.
The cupholders ended up being a tad larger then I wanted. An improvisation resulted in this shape.
Flex Seal was used to finish the wood (spray-on rubber). It has a nice texture and works great for vehicle interiors.
Here's the completed project.
This was before I put in new carpet.
Completed console with the carpet.

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