Work Room
These pictures show the making of my current Work Room. This is where I do most of my creation.
Interior Window
This is a window and shelf added to an interior wall.
Rolling Bench Grinder Stand
A pedestal style stand which a grinder may be bolted to. The one I wanted from the store was out of stock so I built this out of scrap wood for the price of four wheels.
Ranger Console
Custom Center Console for a 1995 Ford Ranger. The truck had two oversized cup holders and nowhere to put odds and ends. My new console provides plenty of space for loose items and secures two drinks.
Ranger Carpet
Carpet and Insulation Installation for the same 95 Ford Ranger.
Home Theater
The making of my Home Theater. This is still a work in progress and updates will follow.
Home Theater 2008
The making of my previous Home Theater.
Vulcan 750 Tuxedo Mod
The Tuxedo Mod is a modification to Vulcan 750 motorcycles that allows the stator to be replaced without the need of removing the engine. It is named after the member TuxedoSeven who it originated from.
Fan/Light Wiring
Installation of a ceiling fan where there is no wiring for one.
5.1 Surround Mixer
This is a sound mixer I made for home theater systems. It allows easy mixing of various channels and also has a couple Aux controls.
PC CD Input Mod
Most PC's with onboard 5.1 Surround Sound are left without a Line In jack when all sound channels are used for output. This is a simple mod which runs the legacy CD Input to an external jack which can then be used as an additional Input.
GPS Handlebar Mount
This primarily makes use of a RAM-Mount but the actual holder for the GPS unit (Which was a Dell PDA) was a modified hard case.
Motorcycle Camera Mounts
More RAM-Mounts being used to support digital video cameras.
Wii Sensor Bar V2
Wii Sensor bar. Due to the size and distance of projected screens I ended up making my own sensor bar for the Nintendo Wii.
Cell Phone Rebuilds G1
I used to buy broken HTC G1 phones, rebuild and resell them.
Dreamcast Rebuilds
I also used to buy broken Dreamcast consoles to rebuild and resell.
Kevin's Badass Arcade Sticks
I used to build custom arcade controls. Here are my designs and tutorials on how these were built.

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