Arcade Parts & Cost

To build an arcade stick your obviously going to need parts. Your also going to need some tools.
In general one of these things costs around $70. This can be more or less by a large margin depending on how much stuff you need as well as your design.
All prices are estimates (favoring high). Prices do not include any shipping prices.

Box Building:

$5Finish (Con-Tact Paper, Paint, Stain, whatever you like)
$2Rubber/Foam or Velcro for between the box base and lid.
$2Rubber Feet (Optional, these should be screwed in, glue alone won't hold)

Tools & Supplies
$21 1/8" Drill Bit
--Access to a saw. This depends a lot on your design. For something simple (like the Model-1), most hardware stores will do the cutting for you. Otherwise you will need a table saw at the least.
$2Nails or Brads (for 1/2" fiberboard I use 1" 17 Ga. Brads)
$2Sand Paper (Not needed if using Con-Tact paper finish)


$20PCB (Pressed Circuit Board), typically from a gamepad.

Tools & Supplies
$15Volt Meter with continuity checking (Optional, helps with troubleshooting)
$10Soldering Iron
$3Soldering Flux (Required)
$3Desoldering Braid (Not always required but highly recommended)
$5Some clamps or a friend to help hold things in place when you run out of hands.
$8Small phillips screw driver (price shown would be for a typical set)
$5Wire cutter/stripper (scissors will do if you don't have any)
$3Electrical Tape
--Flat table to work on with good light.
--Small screws to mount the PCB (You can often use the screws from the gamepad's casing).
$3Quick Disconnects (optional, allows you to plug your wires onto the microswitch connections instead of soldering)

Arcade Controls:

$10Joystick. Which you use is up to you. Fighting games in the US generally use either Ultimate, Compitition,or the Perfect 360.
$3A way to mount the joystick (For 1/2" Fiberboard use #6 x 3/3" Wood Screws, also good for mounting rubber feet)
$16Buttons. Concave or convex (bowl shaped or dome shaped). Pushbutton w/ Horizontal Microswitch, Competition Pushbutton