Sega GamePad Hack

A word of caution. The soldering of this board is a be tough. It is quite possible to blow the controller ports on your Dreamcast if this isn't done well.
For a couple of years I didn't provide this hack for that reason. However gamepads are getting hard to find for the DC and for many, this is the only option. So if your pretty good with soldering or your familiar with how to fix blown controller ports, be my guest and continue.

Preparing the board

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Board Detail

This board is much less complex in operation compaired to the Dream Master. The only thing hard about this hack is the soldering itself. This board only has one Ground. Each soldering point will need to be scraped with a sharp object to expose a good connection. Everything else is pretty straight forward.
Respect the L and R connections on the board. In fact do those last so by the time you do them you've got a good rythem going. The sensors for L and R will not be needed so if they get fried it's no big deal. Be sure you don't overheat any of the leads on the board as they are very delicate.

Control Wiring

As mentioned above, there is only one Ground. So simply run wire(s) to all of the Grounds on your controls and connect that chain to the Ground on the board. Connect a wire from each point on the board to the corresponding control's Positive.

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