Single Player Box Model-2

This box is similer to the Model-1. The main difference being the top surface is slanted to provide more comfort.
You will need a table or miter saw to build this box. If you don't have access to one of these, please build the Model-1 box for your own safety.

The side boards are not rectangular. Two of the corners are at right-angles while the other two are at 80 & 100 degrees.
Please follow safty precautions while cutting these.
The rear board should have one of it's top corners cut off as shown in the image. This is for the cord(s).
Drill your button holes and do any other cuts/drilling that you need for your project (VMU/Memory/Live ports etc).

At this time you may need to apply your finish, depending on the type of finish you want for your controller.

The next step is to hammer this thing together. For this I recommend you do not use nails because they tend to split the wood. So instead use brads (which are basically little headless nails). You can get a pack for about a dollar.

This can be a little tough at first so if you can have someone help you position the boards. As you build it get's easier because the box can support itself while you beat it to death with a hammer. If you've got a Con-Tact Paper finish don't worry too much about the hammer hitting it as most markings wipe off without problems. Most of your brads are going in the bottom of the box where no one will see any imperfections.
The order of your building is up to you. I personally prefer the following order (number of brads):
Rear to Bottom (5),
Front to Bottom (5),
Sides to Bottom (3 each),
Sides to Rear/Front (2 per corner).

Once your box is solid you'll want to hinge the lid (Top board) on. The hinges should mount to the Front board so that the lid opens towards you. If make sure you get screws that won't poke through the 1/2" lid board. Most hinges include screws so keep this in mind when buying.
Screw two hinges in place as shown below. This prevents the hinges from being too visible and allows the lid to open 180 degrees.

I don't use any kind of latch to keep the lid closed. I've had no problems with any of my sticks opening while playing. However I do suggest a small piece of velcro. Not only will it prevent the lid from opening during play but it also acts as a pad between the boards.

Board Measurements

If your browser supports it, you may right click the above measurements to print a reference sheet.