Dual Player Box Model-1

This is my Dual-1 design for those wanting to really bring the arcade experience home. This box is three feet wide allowing plenty of room for two people to use.
You will need a table saw to build this box. There is no other safe way to make the cuts required to build this. Please, if you don't have access to a table saw, build the Model-1 box.

If your considering building this thing then I assume you already have a good idea of what your doing. So lets spare the details and get to the good stuff.
Below you'll see the dimentions for every board. These boards are 1/2".
You'll notice the top board overhangs the main box. It's hinged in the front, the overhang prevents the lid from opening more then 60 degrees. This is a good thing since you can easily work on it without having to hold open the lid.
In the rear board you will need to drill or cut a hole for the cords. The side boards are identical to those of my model-2 design allowing the surface of the controller to have a slant.

Board Measurements

If your browser supports it, you may right click the above measurements to print a reference sheet.