Here's the technical blueprint on a post-it note. Note that 2x6's are actually 1.5 x 5.5
This was all from the scrap pile. I've already cut each piece to size in this shot.
Nothing has been mounted at this point. Everything lined up ok.
These are the holes where the nuts go in to mount the grinder to the platform.
I put bolts in early to help hold things together while I assembled the rest of the stand.
The extra nut here is just filler since there's no grinder in it's place yet.
Here's the top platform mounted in place.
In the middle you can see were I added rails for a small shelf.
I glued these small boards to help keep everything square and sturdy.
This is the bottom of the stand. I've drilled holes so it can be mounted to the stand and for the wheels.
Wood glue was also used to mount this bottom board.
This is the back side. I used 1/2 inch board to create the back. More importantly this adds stability.
Here's the back glued and nailed in place with brads.
And in the end, it was too wobbly to be safe! The bottom board had to quickly be removed before the glue dried.
Here's the final stand after I created a new bottom piece. This one turned out to be plenty stable.

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