Installing a ceiling fan where this is no existing wiring was made a bit easier due to a wall mounted light.
After making the necessary hole I fed the wiring through a pvc pipe towards the electrical box located behind the lighting fixture
In the room on the opposite side of the wall I made a small hole. This allowed me to reach into the ceiling and feed the wiring down into the wall.
With power temporarily switched back on in the room I identified all of the wires in the box. There were 3 sets of wires. 1 supplying power, 1 for the fan and one for a wall switch.
With the power back off again I made all of the connections and made sure everything was grounded. The wire with the black marking is hot coming from the wall switch.
The light fixture itself was replaced with a new one. Since it's bracket was slightly different I ended up rotating the electrical box 90 degrees before connecting the the light.
Here's the working light with the fan's wiring still hanging from the ceiling (notice those wires have been separated prior to this test).
I added a support beam and electrical box for the fan. These come in kits and are pretty straight forward. Then the wiring was connected and the fan assembled/mounted.

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