This truck had a water leak which caused the existing carpet and padding to become horribly saturated with nowhere to drain or air out.
I started by removing all paneling, carpet, and padding/insulation. I then allowed the truck to air out for a few days.
During those days I built the new console seen here. I hosed down the truck and located the leak which was in the top/right corner of the rear window. This water would actually run down to the front passenger floor!
With everything dry and sealed I removed the seats and cleaned the floor.
Next I installed EZ Cool Insulation using 3M Super 77 spray-on adhesive.
As you can see my focus here was the front of the vehicle to block the heat and sound from the engine. I used two layers at the very front.
The odd strip on the passenger side is where the exhaust runs. I thought an extra barrier here would make sense.
Once the insulation was completed I added the carpet. This was actually a rug which I cut in various ways so that it would conform to the shape of the floor.
I then added holes for where the seats mount as well as the cable that triggers the fasten seatbelt light. All of the paneling was then reinstalled.
The completed carpet.

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